Full-Sun Garden Plants

All plants need sun to grow, but not all plants need the same amount. Use these full-sun garden tips in your brightest areas.

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Planting in Full Sun

Ever wondered what exactly the plant tag means when it says a plant needs "full sun?" The Better Homes and Gardens editors explain.

Full-Sun Herbs

Most herbs grow best in full sun, and many prefer dry soil that isn't too rich in nutrients. Explore adding them to your landscape.

Blanket Flowers

They look like the most colorful daisies ever! Blanket flowers (Gaillardia selections) thrive in hot, full-sun locations.

Heavenly Helenium

You'll spend the summer waiting for heleniums, then be rewarded with a show from the blooms when other perennials fade.

Beginner's Garden

Just learning how to garden? Pack your yard with full-sun plants that will offer pretty flowers and foliage throughout the growing season.

Sunny Garden Plan

Annuals show almost constant color. This full-sun garden plan is chock-full of easy-care plants to transplant or sow from seed.

Blazing Star

Shooting up like pink and purple rockets, blazing star gives vertical interest in full-sun, well-drained locations.

Roses Love Full Sun

Roses -- in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors -- do best in full sun. Keep them watered, and they'll reward you with vases of blooms.

Fragrant Heliotrope

Although it's an annual in all but the warmest of climates, heliotrope is worth growing in a full-sun garden for its amazing scent.


Got a hot, sunny spot where you can provide plenty of moisture? Melampodium will light up a full-sun garden with its yellow blooms.

French Marigolds

They're fancy, French, easy to grow, and perfect for a full-sun garden. Best of all, deer typically avoid these little beauties!

Water Lilies

Think beyond the soil -- grow flowers in water! Check out this gallery of gorgeous water lilies. All need full sun for their blooms to open.