Deer-Resistant Plant Pictures

If these garden-worthy plants look appealing to you, it's comforting to know that they're generally deer resistant.

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This deer-resistant groundcover sends up spikes of blue, pink, or white in spring, then colorful leaves continue the job for the rest of the season.


Alliums are onions' more interesting cousins, with bulb choices that produce an astonishing array of bloom shapes, sizes, colors, and heights.


There are many types of bluestar, a lesser-known perennial with blue spring flowers, fantastic fall color, and high deer resistance.

Butterfly Weed

Deer don't like it, but butterflies certainly do! Take your pick of yellow, pink, or orange varieties of beautiful, easy-growing butterfly weed (Asclepias).


Whether you call it Cimicifuga racemosa or Actaea racemosa (its newer botanical name), this statuesque North American native remains easy to grow.


These spring bloomers look good enough to eat, but they're wonderfully deer resistant. Columbines are short-lived but readily reseed.


Today's coneflowers come in purples, pinks, whites, yellows, oranges, and even reds, in a wide variety of heights and flower shapes.


Bright yellow, red, or orange coreopsis is one of the longest-blooming perennials as long as you keep the old blooms snipped off -- since the deer won't do it for you.


Corydalis grows in moist shade or partial shade where its yellow, purple, blue, or rose-color flowers draw attention from everyone but the neighborhood deer.

Evening Primrose

Despite the common name, some types of evening primroses are open during the day. If deer do trim them, no worries: They're extremely vigorous.

Globe Thistle

It's surprising to think of thistles as garden flowers, but you'll want to grow this one for its attractive, Dr. Seuss-like globes of steel-blue flowers.


The fuzzy yet ornamental leaves of lungwort (Pulmonaria selections) are resistant to hungry deer, so lungwort is one of the best shade plants to grow.


Penstemons, drought-tolerant plants with tubular white, pink, red, purple, blue, or yellow flowers, attract hummingbirds and butterflies, but resist browsing deer.

Russian Sage

Talk about easy! Just plant Russian sage in full sun and soil that's not too wet, and enjoy the feathery silver foliage and lavender-blue flowers for weeks.


Thyme's pungent fragrance keeps deer away. The delicate foliage and pink spring blooms add beauty to the garden while producing herbs for the table.

Wild Ginger

A spreading deer-resistant groundcover that likes shady spots, wild ginger easily crowds out most weeds in the garden with its carpet of rich green foliage.