Deer-Proof Plants

Let's be honest: No plant can be considered entirely deer-proof. But when it comes to hungry deer, count these plants among their least-favored treats.

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Luckily, the pink, purple, or white spring blooms and evergreen foliage of sun-loving candytuft don't usually become deer candy.


With an exciting array of foliage color choices -- amber, burgundy, green, and beyond -- coralbells' tiny flowers are just a bonus.


A succulent prized for its drought tolerance, nearly deer-proof hens-and-chicks is easy to grow in almost any dry, sunny spot.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses of all kinds, such as popular feather reedgrass and Miscanthus selections, add easy-care elegance in deer-riddled areas.


Perennial salvias have pungent foliage that is unappealing to deer. Some salvias are annuals and some are perennials, but most do best in sun.

Shasta Daisy

Cheery daisies are a must in the garden. Shasta daisies have a long bloom season, big flowers, are easy to grow, and are practically deer proof.


Artemisia's elegant, silvery foliage complements nearly all other garden plants, and its scented foliage makes it almost deer proof.


The very thing that gardeners love repels deer: striking evergreen rosettes of stiff, sharply pointed leaves, often variegated with cream or white.

Bee Balm

Look for cultivars of bee balm (Monarda selections) that resist mildew, and watch the bees and butterflies -- but not the deer -- flock to the garden.


Its heart-shape leaves have nearly invisible but tough, tiny hairs make it almost deer proof. Try variegated varieties in moist soil to light up a shady area.


Gardeners like the easy-care foliage and nearly constant bloom of catmint. Cats like the aroma of the leaves, but deer turn up their noses.

Blanket Flower

Like a colorful Mexican throw, blanket flower (Gaillardia) covers a perennial bed with bold, daisylike blooms. It's not deer-proof in every case, but it's close.


Sweet-smelling, sachet-worthy lavender delights gardeners who place it in a spot that sees full sun and extremely well-drained soil. Luckily, deer don't like the scent.


With cheery red, orange, or yellow blooms, poppies brighten sunny spaces when they bloom. The many types are likely to escape notice by deer.


Deer resist chomping herbs with strong scents, so rosemary is generally left alone. Grow it in a hot, dry area for tasty herbal accents to your meals.


This underused but super-easy perennial is practically deer proof and grows in rock gardens and other rugged locations with good drainage and full sun.