Black Flowers

Black isn't just for little dresses or tuxedos. Plants with black (or nearly black) flowers or foliage look stunning beside chartreuse, yellow, orange, red, or white blooms and leaves.

Grow a Chocolate Garden

Get all of the enjoyment with none of the calories. Grow chocolate-theme plants -- many with black flowers (or a lovely chocolate scent).

'Bowles' Black' Pansy

Pansies love cool weather, so plant 'Bowles' Black' pansies with orange pansies before Halloween for a seasonal display.

Black Velvet Petunia

Black Velvet petunia is a flower full of intrigue. It's perfect for mixing with other plants: Black is a neutral color, so it goes with everything!

'The Watchman' Hollyhock

These 6- to 8-foot-tall stems of black flowers look darkly elegant when paired with any annual, perennial, or flowering shrub.

Fritillaria persica

Dainty bell-shape flowers in a chocolate-black color dangle from 4-foot-tall spires in spring. Plant Fritillaria persica bulbs in the fall for a stunning dose of black flowers.

'Queen of Night' Tulip

'Queen of Night' tulip isn't a true-black flower, but it's as dark as these spring-flowering bulbs get. It is a lovely, long-lasting cut flower.

'Edge of Night' Calla

This calla isn't quite a black flower, but it's close. The deep purple funnels of 'Edge of Night' are long-lasting cut flowers and grow well in containers.

Iris chrysographes

The 2-foot-tall dark purple-black Iris chrysographes really stands out in the garden when it shows off its early-summer flowers. You'll also enjoy its fragrance and grassy foliage.

'Arabian Night' Dahlia

If you had 1,001 of these deep maroon dahlia blooms, it would be a spectacular sight. But don't worry, they're lovely even if you only have a few.

'Black Magic' Rose

That old black magic has us in its spell with the beauty of this dark burgundy hybrid tea rose with thick, velvety petals as soft as midnight. This is about as dark as roses come.

Superbells Blackberry Punch Calibrachoa

An annual flower for container gardens, it shows off black flowers edged in hot pink, and sunny-yellow centers.

'Sooty' Sweet William

Burgundy foliage, deep red blooms, and a spicy fragrance make 'Sooty' one of the most interesting sweet Williams.


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