Rose Wreaths

Make a wreath of fresh roses to hang on a wall, or to use as a tabletop centerpiece.

Make a beautiful ring of fresh or dried roses in one or two contrasting colors. If you like, tuck in other blooms (fresh or dried), such as hydrangea or allium. Hang your rose wreath away from light and heat to preserve its beauty. Avoid hanging such a delicate creation on a door, where it could be damaged. For a special occasion, fashion dainty wreaths into napkin rings or circlets to be slipped around the base of pillar candles for table decorations. Twist wire around the stems of Miniature roses and bend the wire stems.

What You Need:

  • 12-inch-diameter floral foam ring
  • 5 dozen roses (about 1-1/2 inches wide)
  • 19-gauge florist's wire
  • Floral tape
  • 20 3/4-inch prewired silver baubles


1. Trim rose stems to 1 inch and push them into the wreath base. Completely cover the ring with flowers. If necessary, strengthen rose stems by twisting 3-inch-long pieces of 19-gauge wire around them, forming a wire stem.

2. Wrap the stem with floral tape to cover the wire. Insert the wire stems of silver baubles here and there around the ring. Keep the base of a fresh-rose wreath moist by soaking it every few days in a sink full of warm water for five minutes.