From rose aficionado to rose novice, there's one of these beautiful bloomers for every type of gardener. Whether you're planting just one bush or a whole bed of these stunning flowers, you'll need a bit of background, including understanding the importance of condition and location, as well as smart ways to care for your plants. A good start is understanding the differences between container-grown and bare-root roses. We help you learn how to shop for roses -- a key skill for success -- as well as how to propagate and hybridize your own plants. As with all other flowers, pruning, deadheading, watering, and feeding are important; our basic care guide will help you understand the particulars of rose care, including how to protect your roses from pests and diseases (especially the dreaded black spot). Many roses require more tending, but for no-fuss varieties, we have the best shrub roses (which also happen to be fairly disease-resistant, too). Scent is a top reason people turn to roses, and we highlight the most fragrant roses to help you create a heady flowerbed in your yard. You can even grow roses in containers, but there are tips to achieve success; rely on the basic principles to master this flexible way to plant roses.

Top Roses for Your Yard
Rose Pruning Tips

Make pruning more efficient with these seven general tips.

Rose Planting Guide

Follow these basic principles for beautiful roses every time.

How to Grow Roses
How to Grow Roses
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