How to Get Blue Hydrangeas

If you love blue flowers (and who doesn't?), one of the most popular must-have plants for your garden is hydrangea. These versatile shrubs produce giant ball-shape flowers that look stunning in the landscape surrounding your home, as specimen plants in your garden, and make gorgeous (and easy!) bouquets.

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Flowering Perennials from Spring to Fall

Turn your garden into a color show spring through fall. Here are 17 easy-to-grow flowering perennials.

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Garden Pictures That Inspire

Garden pictures can provide inspiration. Browse our gallery of garden pictures, including landscape garden pictures, to find the picture of a garden that will give you your perfect landscape.

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Growing Lilies and Daylilies in Your Garden

Daylilies and lilies are two big-impact, easy-to-grow plants for your summer garden.

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How to Grow Potatoes

Growing potatoes is easy, and you'll find the taste of homegrown potatoes much better than that of store-bought versions. You can grow potatoes in just a few easy steps. Learn how to grow potatoes, as well as how to harvest them for maximum flavor.

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Urban Gardens

Living in a space-challenged urban environment shouldn't stop you from enjoying fresh air. Check out these great ideas from some amazing city landscapes.

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How to Get Beautiful Texture in Your Garden

Add beauty and texture to your garden with leafy and flowering perennials, annuals, and grasses.

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Mums in the Fall Garden

Here's how to use mums in your garden.


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    • The Right Mum for the Right Place

      With so many colors and varieties, mums are both a blessing and a challenge. In this slide show, you'll see some of the best mums for your garden, and learn how expert garden designers make the best use of this versatile plant.

    • Zesty Jean

      With its bright coral outside petals and slightly darker center, this spreading mum brings early color to the fall garden. Knowledgeable garden center staff can help you select mums that will bloom in early, middle, and late fall, maximizing the weeks of color in your garden.

    • Sunny Robin

      This cheery yellow mum is another early bloomer, flowering in mid-September. Strong yellows can be a challenge in the summer garden, when so many other colors are present. In the fall garden, however, when light levels are lower, a mum like 'Sunny Robin' can brighten things up.

    • Delano

      Mums come in many forms, from a simple "single" daisylike look to the more complex "decorative" form of this variety. When selecting mums, look at the form as well as the color, and don't be afraid to experiment with forms you haven't tried in the past.

    • Spoon-Form Mum

      This unidentified mum is a good example of one of the more unusual mum forms: spoon. The name derives from the shape of the petals. Mums with distinctive forms deserve a spot in your garden where they can be enjoyed at close range, such as near an entry.

    • Autumn Red

      Because some mums are not reliably hardy, many gardeners treat all mums like annuals, planting new ones each spring or fall. If you'd prefer to hold over your mums, look for varieties that have been bred to snap back from bitterly cold winters. 'Autumn Red', shown here, was developed by the University of Minnesota and has withstood -30 degree F temperatures.

    • Florist Mums

      Most of the potted mums sold by florists are tender and will not survive winter. That doesn't mean that they can't be added to your garden for a season of color. The benefits of florist's mums, as this unidentified variety illustrates, are larger, more interesting flower forms and a range of interesting colors and color combinations.

    • Jasper

      Don't get hung up on a particular variety of mum. Breeders introduce hundreds of varieties each year, meaning that some older varieties have to fall by the wayside. 'Jasper' was widely available a couple of years back, but now may be hard to find. In most cases, with the aid of a good supplier, you can find mums that meet your needs.

    • Blizzard

      Don't overlook the fact that mums can be wonderful potted plants. Purchase them in bloom at a garden center, pop them into a window box or decorative pot, and enjoy them throughout the fall. Here, a potted white 'Blizzard' mum adds an eye-catching accent in a sea of pink blooms.

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      Just Plant It!

      Even if your garden plans or experience are modest, you owe it to yourself to plant some mums. One glance at these gorgeous, carefree workhorses is payment enough for the modest investment of your time and money.

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      Autumn Red in the Garden

      Although mums are probably the most widely planted fall flower, don't overlook other ways to dress up for autumn. Here, 'Autumn Red' mums combine with violet asters, brick red sedum, and ornamental grasses.

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      Here's an easy-grow collection of the best perennial flowers that are perfect for any garden -- especially if you're a beginner!
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