Three Steps to Stunning Cut-Flower Bouquets

Beautiful cut-flower arrangements require just three elements.

For a simple, attractive flower arrangement, just use three garden elements: filler, focal point, and accent. Grab a favorite vase, and follow along with blooms and foliage from your garden.

As an example, we created the arrangement shown here, which consists of 'Piedmont Gold' hosta, 'Tropicana' rose, and 'Navigator' penstemon.

The instructions below explain how you can create an infinite variety of arrangements using three simple elements.

1. Filler

Start with several stems of filler to fill in with color and hold blooms in place. Florists often use fern leaves and baby's breath to do this job. Here, large, smooth hosta leaves form both a base and a background.

2. Focal Point

Add a focal point. This is the element that draws you to the arrangement. Often focal points are the largest blooms with a commanding shape or color. An odd number of these flowers or leaves creates the most pleasing combination.

3. Accent

Add an accent. Usually smaller than the focal point, an accent plays a complementary role. Look for a flower or leaf that has a texture, shape, or color different from your filler or your focal point.

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