More than just "green filler," hostas can be the stars of shady landscapes.

Here is a primer on hostas: A pictorial review of 13 types, some planting ideas, and instructions for dividing hostas.

Hostas, the ultimate shade plant, are easy to take for granted. They come back year after year, surviving bitter winters, and making no special demands on the gardener's time. Their contributions to the landscape, however, can't be overlooked. Hostas give gardens a jolt of bold texture as well as a variety of leaf colors, patterns, and shapes.

A Diverse Family of Plants

Brim Cup Bold contrast on seersucker leaves

Hosta Montana Aureomarginata Chartreuse edges mature to cream.

Diamond Tiara Tidy mounds of foliage

Great Expectations A slow grower, but worth the wait.

Blue Mammoth The name says it all.

Spilt Milk Subtle streaks and spatters.

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