Autumn Leaves

Trees and shrubs get all the attention, but they are not the only plants with fall color.

Trees -- and to a lesser extent, some shrubs -- get the lion's share of attention this time of year as their leaves turn all glowy and showy. But if we can direct your attention for just a moment down by your feet to those perennials that have been blooming their little hearts out just for you all season long. As the first fleeting, flirting frosts start to sap the perennials' blooming energy, their foliage, too, is turning colors.


The normally green leaves of a persicaria acquire a burgundy dappling.

Geranium Aura

A hardy geranium. With an aureate -- golden -- aura.

Daylily Yellow

And where did these bright yellow leaves come from? Not an ornamental grass, but a daylily. 

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