Perennials reward from year to year -- but there are so many to choose from. Where to start? Use these guides to color, type, and region, as well as blooms that are great for cutting and making a big impact. Start by picking from the top daylilies, salvias, irises, and hostas. Once summer turns into autumn, fill your garden with perfect, stunning jewel-tone shades with fall-blooming plants. We show you how with foliage plants, flowers, and ornamental grasses, as well as all the varieties (and colors) of mums. Ornamental grasses may not bloom, but they are reliable, low-maintenance stunners that offer impact nearly year-round; here are some of the best varieties. There are different no-fail plants for each region of the country; find the best ones for where you live. If you live in a tropical climate (or just love the textures, colors, and scents of warm-weather regions), find how to surround yourself with heat-loving plants. You may think that difficult conditions -- including clay, damp or dry climates, shady landscapes, seaside gardens, woodland spots, or drought-tolerant spots -- make it impossible for you to successfully garden; learn the best plants that prove otherwise. Trough gardens are a great way to grow small drought-tolerant perennials, succulents, and alpine plants. Here are some of the best.

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