Even if your windows are frosted over with ice, you can enjoy the scents of spring with pots of blooming hyacinths scattered throughout your home.

Hyacinths for Your Home With little effort or gardening skill, you can have a pot of these perfumed lovelies in every room. The stocky hyacinth is the only bulb other than the amaryllis that looks as good planted singly as it does in a group.

Alone or planted in a group,
hyacinth makes a great choice
for containers.

  • The most popular hyacinth for forcing is H. oreintalis, commonly known as a Dutch hyacinth. Growing 8 to 12 inches tall, the spiky hyacinth is available in a wide variety of colors.
  • A good white hyacinth is 'Carnegie.'
  • Try any of these blue-hued hyacinths for forcing: 'Dleft Blue,' 'Blue Jacket,' and 'Ostara.'
  • Red varieties include the double-flowered 'Hollyhock' and 'Jan Bos.'
  • The lovely pink variety 'Anna-Marie' and the orange 'Gypsy Queen' are brilliant indoor bloomers.

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