Forcing Spring Bulbs

Trick some tulips, daffodils, or crocus into early bloom and enjoy spring months ahead of time.
Steel Tub On Floor With Assorted Bulb Flowers Tulips, hyacinth, grape
hyacinth, and Iris reticulata

Springtime comes early when you force bulbs into bloom indoors. During the frigid, dreary months of winter, you'll enjoy the powerful fragrance of hyacinths, the sweet scent of paperwhite narcissus, and the cheerful color of tulips, as well as other spring-flowering bulbs, if you plan ahead.

Although it's not hard to fool Mother Nature, you can't hurry the process. Forcing most spring bulbs into bloom requires eight to 15 weeks of chilling, though there are varieties that can be ready for prime time in just two to three weeks.

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Chill Out!

When chilling bulbs in the refrigerator, store them away from fresh fruits and vegetables that can emit ethylene gas and damage the flowers developing inside the bulbs. Chill potted and bulk bulbs in closed paper bags.

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