The blooms of the wood hyacinth come in pretty pastels.

Wood hyacinths or Spanish bluebells have spires of nodding, bell-shaped blooms in mid-spring. In pink, white, and blue, their pastel hues are beautiful intermixed or planted separately for drifts of the same color.

They complement late-blooming varieties of tulips. Native to Spain and Portugal, wood hyacinths are excellent naturalizers./


Latin Name: Endymion hispanicus, also called Scilla campanulata or Hyacinthoides hispanica
Common Name: Wood hyacinths, Spanish bluebells
Zone: 4-9
Description: These 8- to 10-inch-tall plants are excellent companions for late daffodils, tulips, and spring-flowering shrubs. If you have the space, set wood hyacinths in your woodland garden. Their propensity to wander will produce glorious spreads of blooms.

Planting and Care

Location: Full sun or part shade
When to plant: Fall
General Instructions: Select soil that is well drained. Plant bulbs 4 to 5 inches deep and 3 inches apart. Endymion hispanicus is easy to grow. Leave the bulbs alone, once planted, and they will bloom for years.

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