Calla Lily

Latin pronunciation: (zan-tuh-DES-kee-uh)

Calla lily is an elegant flowering houseplant with blooms (spathes) that last many weeks. White-, pink-, and yellow-bloomed varieties are available.

  • LIGHT: Place in high light (full sun) during fall and winter and medium light (morning sun) during spring and summer. Move out of direct sun when flowering so bloom lasts longer.
  • WATER: Keep evenly and completely moist at all times. Mist frequently. Raise humidity.
  • TEMPERATURE: Maintain temperatures in the mid-70s during the day and no lower than 50 degrees at night.


Plant tubers 1 inch deep in early spring or late fall in 6-inch or larger clay pots. Plant one tuber in a 6-inch pot, more in larger pots. Use soil rich in organic matter. Leave enough room at top of pot to add 1 inch more soil later. Keep moist and warm. As growth appears, fill in the pot with an additional inch of soil. Feed every two to three weeks. When flowers fade and foliage turns yellow, stop feeding and watering. Remove the tubers from the pot, cut off the foliage, and shake the soil from the roots. Propagate by dividing tubers at this time. Repot. Resume light watering to stimulate new growth. Also propagate by offsets or seed.