Plant an Annuals Border

Frame your garden by filling in the empty spaces in your landscaping with colorful annuals.

Everything looks better when it's framed, whether it's a picture or a garden path. Try wax begonias, lobelias, sweet alyssum, or low-growing petunias and pansies for colorful boundaries between the garden and the lawn or pathway. For sunny borders, experiment with dahlias. If your garden is shady, try caladiums, browallia, primrose, or dwarf bedding carnations.

Step 1

1. With a hoe or cultivator, loosen the soil before planting.

Step 2

2. Set plants along the front of the path. Space them the correct distance apart according to your plant species. Water well.

Wishbone flower

3. A few weeks later, the plants will have filled in the empty space. Wishbone flower (Torenia fournieri), shown in the photos, makes a charming edging for shady beds and borders.