Containers of Bulbs Add Instant Spring

How to create pots of your favorite spring bulbs in an afternoon.
Containers of Spring Bulbs
Pink and Purple Hyacinthus Hyacinth bulbs fill the air with
sweet perfume.

Missing the heavenly fragrance of hyacinths or the brilliant hue of tulips in your garden? Even if you didn't have time to plant bulbs last fall, you can still create pots of your favorite spring bulbs in an afternoon.

So, even if last fall's bulb-planting intentions fell to the bottom of your to-do list, a container garden is only a day away!

Many nurseries and garden centers recognize that you often either don't have the time to plant bulbs in the fall, or you might not have enough space in your garden to include them. To help you out, they offer a timely solution in the form of potted bulbs that you can take home and make your own.


Tulip Foliage Tulip foliage is tough enough to
handle chilly nights.

Purchasing prechilled and potted bulbs is often the only way many warm-climate gardeners can get the luscious tulips and fragrant hyacinths that they love, because many spring bulbs require weeks of cold weather before they can bloom.


Yellow and Orange Daffodils

One of the recognized harbingers of spring, daffodils offer an easy way to get garden color in pots and containers.

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