Annuals are all-stars in the garden: They use their limited time wisely by filling it with vigorous growth and outstanding blooms. And they are incredibly versatile plants, suitable for containers and window boxes, in flowerbeds, and elsewhere. Nurture your love of annuals by building a garden successfully with transplants. If you've ever been at the garden center and didn't know how many plants to buy, you're not alone. Use a handy calculator to determine how many plants to buy for the garden you have. Annuals are also great to fill bare spots in the garden; learn more about all-stars such as geraniums and petunias, as well as new varieties that you can rely on for long-lasting color. One annual is great but a pair is better; fill a container or corner of a garden bed with 21 top annual plant pairings. Annuals also make tremendous cut flowers; use our list to include the top ones for bouquets in your yard. And if you want to preserve the beauty of the harvest, use these preserving and pressing techniques, particularly with everlastings. You'll also find the best annual vines, the best annuals for fragrance, and even the best annuals for shade.


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