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Test Garden Map

The Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden includes 22 distinct areas.

  1. The plaza and fountain
  2. The rose garden
  3. The southwest terrace garden
  4. The shade garden
  5. The fragrant path
  6. The dwarf conifer garden
  7. The clay garden
  8. The garden room
  9. The meadow
  10. The cutting garden
  11. The perennial border
  12. The shrub walk
  13. The mixed border
  14. The tool shed and storage area
  15. The dwarf conifer and perennial garden
  16. The hillside garden
  17. The vegetable and herb garden
  18. The arbor and daylily garden
  19. The pond and cascade
  20. The southwest terrace garden
  21. The deck
  22. The rock garden

A Walk Through the Test Garden

Summer Flowers in the Test Garden

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