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Test Garden Secrets

To see the creativity, ingenuity, and skill of the Better Homes and Gardens garden editors, look no farther than the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden®. If you've never seen it in person, don't despair: The secrets learned in the Test Garden are yours to use in your own garden. Start with a virtual tour of the space, where you'll see the practical application of years of knowledge. In the Test Garden, flowers, including the sunny blooms of early summer, get their first rigorous look by our garden editors. Editors of the magazine have also learned a thing or two about gardening in other seasons, particularly autumn and winter. Use tips they've assembled to keep your landscape looking great at year's end. In fact, the Test Garden prides itself on being as beautiful in the calm days of winter as it is in the growing frenzy of summer. You'll see why with ideas and examples from the Test Garden manager. If you do happen to be in Des Moines, you can see the Test Garden in person; learn about its limited hours (it's a working garden after all) for tours and schedule a stop.

Next time you're in Des Moines, Iowa, pay us a visit.

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