Landscaping a Pool

Pointers on the three main points to consider when landscaping a pool.

There are three primary goals to consider when landscaping a pool: beautification, privacy and shade.

1. Beautification. Nothing is as stunning as a lush landscape. Your choices are nearly endless. Colorful flowers brighten the landscape and soften hard surfaces. Visit our Landscape Planning Guide for ideas.


2. Privacy. Creating a sense of privacy around a pool or spa is important. It is not easy to relax when you feel exposed. Trees, shrubs and lattice structures and fencing are all options.


3. Shade. Creating a refuge from the hot sun is important. Trees, shrubs, structures such as pergolas and gazebos and oversized market umbrellas are options. Besides offering escape from the heat, they often create a focal point for the space. When selecting trees, choose nonmessy varieties that won't drop in your pool.