Tired after a long summer's labor, many gardeners don't realize that an autumn garden can be stunningly beautiful.
Dramatic Colors

In autumn trees once again come into prominence, showing off rich golds, purples, and reds. Closer to the ground, skillful gardeners keep the color coming with well-selected shrubs and perennials. Mums and asters are classics, but 'Autumn Joy' sedum has earned a place in nearly every autumn garden. Ornamental grasses are also at their most gorgeous now, especially when backlit by the slanting golden light of an autumn afternoon.

Autumn Leaves The 'Maiku Jaku' Japanese maple
is renown for its feathery
foliage and burnt orange color.

If continually weeded, watered, and deadheaded, many annuals and roses will continue to bloom until frost.

While doing fall cleanup, don't be too quick to cut down some of your favorite plants. Those grasses, for example, are covered with a heavy frost, and sedum flowers will dry right on the stalk. Experiment by leaving certain flowers up during the winter months to appreciate their sculptural effect.

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