Butterfly Garden Art

Dress up your yard with this kid-pleasing project.

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Girl with butterfly on her nose
Brighten Your Garden

    Few creatures are as magical as butterflies. Entice kids to learn about these alluring flower pollinators with a simple craft project from the pages of Country Gardens magazine.

Butterfly Plant Stakes

    Use these hand-painted butterfly stakes to mark plants that butterflies find especially attractive. Place them in pots on the patio or out in your flower garden. A few simple supplies and a little time are all it takes.

Start with Wood Cutouts

    Start with wood butterfly cutouts from a craft store. The ones shown here are about 4 inches across and 3 inches tall. Spray-paint one side of the cutouts with a base color and allow to dry; repeat on the opposite side. While the cutouts are drying, paint an equal number of slender wooden stakes. Choosing a medium or dark green will help the stakes blend in with the greenery.

Paint the Patterns

    Decorate the cutouts with puff paint, available at craft stores. To teach kids about the variety of butterflies, have a book on hand that shows different species. The kids can paint their cutouts to match their favorite wing patterns, or they can create their own designs.

Add Some Antennae

    To form antennae, coil the ends of pipe cleaners (also called chenille stems), then attach them to the cutouts using a hot glue gun. (This step is best left to adults or older children.) Finally, attach the stakes to the cutouts, also using the hot glue gun.

Using Prepainted Cutouts

    If time is tight or your kids are very young, consider purchasing prepainted butterfly cutouts at a garden shop or craft store. You can still have the fun of placing the cutouts to remind your youngster where in your garden to watch for nature's "fluttering flowers."

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