A Cool Splash

Our visitors describe their favorite aquatic features of their gardens.

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This week's featured responses are to:

A Cool Splash

. . . in which we asked you to describe your favorite backyard water garden or aquatic feature. Here's our pick of the crop:

Joyce Nyhan

I have a small, portable bubbling fountain that I use to attract birds to my yard. Ithas been a great enhancer to my "serenity shade garden." I do note that atremendous number of birds have been attracted to it. In fact, we had 12 cardinals in ouryard at one time last year. The record so far this year is six. Thanks for the opportunity to share.


We cut down a large tree last year in a narrow but long section of our yard off ourdeck. The tree stump sits in the middle. This spring we decided to build a pond. One pondat the top connects to a lower pond with a stream going around the tree stump. We'relooking forward to watching the water lilies bloom and the tadpoles turn into toads. Inthe tree stump we planted strawberries that grow some of the biggest strawberries we'veever seen and give everything a wild look.

Cindy Handy

We have a three-tiered waterfall, which flows into a gray-bottomed pool, which is connected to a spa by a bridge and a small waterfall from the spa, which runs under the bridge into the pool. The hardscape is all comprised of natural boulders, flagstone and river rock. There are melaleuca trees drooping over the top of the waterfall. Star jasmine and ivy geraniums cascade over the rocks of the waterfall and pool. Azaleas are planted among the rocks also. My entire garden is comprised of pink, white, lavender, and blue flowers . . . a gazing ball . . . fairies abound everywhere . . . white lattice and trellises.


We have incorporated a pond with fish (members of the goldfish family) as part of our shade garden. The pond is surrounded by natural rocks with moss, a fountain, and many varieties of ferns and hostas. We also have ivy, sweet woodruff, lily-of-the-valley, toad lilies, lady’s mantle, and pulmonaria. We are presently enlarging the pond to 4.5 feet deep, adding a waterfall and installing a filtration system in order to keep the fish in the pond all winter.


I have a half whiskey barrel, lined and with an old-time handled pump, sitting by thedoor on my deck. Inside are two goldfish, a water lily, and some floating water plants.The sound of the water flowing from the pump is very soothing and always attractsattention from visitors.


My mother-in-law just had her whole back yard landscaped. One of the neat ideas is alarge circular flower bed that has three tiers. And at the very top is a statue that poursout water. It is very elegant looking and colorful! The whole thing sits in the middle ofthe yard and all around are other flower beds.


We purchased a leaf mister from our local pet store (about $30). We connected the smallrubber tube to the spigot at one end and attached the mister part about a foot off theground to an ivy-covered obelisk at the other end (but even tying it to a stake wouldwork). Below the mister we put a 14-inch diameter saucer (what you set a potted plant on).This sits in a shaded garden area by the birdfeeder. On hot days, I leave the water onjust a little, so that a fine spray keeps the saucer filled with water. The birds justlove it! They play in it all day long. Sometimes they even line up to use it! It gives ussuch pleasure to watch the birds enjoy themselves.