Naturalistic Garden

Attract your winged friends with their favorite foods.
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Purple coneflower and coreopsis
offer a colorful contrast
in any wildflower garden.

Birds love natural gardens because they can find all they need to survive in them. Seed heads of perennials and ornamental grasses provide food. Shrubs, trees, and some perennials offer shelter and nesting places. A birdbath contains water for drinking and bathing. You, meanwhile, gain the benefit of natural pest control because many birds eat hundreds of insects daily.

When you plan a natural wildlife garden, include a diverse selection of plants -- trees, shrubs, grasses, perennials, and annuals that reseed. Birds and other wildlife won't care if you have the latest cultivars; in fact, they prefer species and older varieties. Look for plants indigenous to your area, because they will look the most natural in it.

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