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Flowers are beautiful, foliage is alluring, but there's something special about a garden filled with birds and butterflies. You'll find everything you need to know to transform your garden into a nature-lover's retreat. For starters, shelter is essential: We have shrub and tree recommendations that offer welcome respite for birds. Songbirds in the winter add a spark of life to an otherwise quiet garden. Food is also a must-have, especially in winter. Try a berry-laden tree or shrub (or even a homemade suet cake) to attract winged garden visitors and make it through the coldest months of the year. Butterflies and birds also love water; an easy birdbath project gives them both a place to drink or bathe. You'll be able to evaluate your garden's green factors and its friendliness to nature, especially to charming birds such as hummingbirds. If you plant the right plants, you'll almost guarantee butterflies will visit your yard; uncover their favorite, must-have blooms to include in your garden. If you have a butterfly in your yard but you're not sure what it is, turn to our field guide for some of the most common ones in your garden. If you're unsure what to plant in your landscape, take inspiration from a complete habitat that attracts a delightful array of winged diners.

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