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Birdhouses & Birdbaths

How do you build a better garden for birds to enjoy -- and encourage them to stay awhile? Include birdhouses, bird feeders, and birdbaths that appeal to their need for shelter, food, and water. A host of projects helps you make your own versions of these garden essentials to match your garden's style. First, get inspiration on ways to add beautiful birdhouses or birdbaths to your flowerbeds. Next, pick your style; if cottage is what you love, try tools and trimmings to create a rustic-inspired perch for feathered friends. Another rustic option: A folk-art birdhouse that's build out of a basic box and embellished with vintage style. Put your harvests to use to attract birds by growing gourds and transforming them into houses and feeders. Kids love to study wildlife, particularly birds, and they'll also enjoy the creativity of making customized mosaic birdhouses. For a more eclectic approach, try a colorful cup-and-saucer bird feeder or a birdhouse made from rolling pins and plywood. Before you know it, you'll have birds of every feather flocking to your garden.

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