Cut Flowers

Nothing brightens a room like fresh bouquets.
Cut Flowers

Summer bouquets are a bargain when you pick flowers from your own cutting garden. You can start plants from seed, or, for faster blooming, buy nursery transplants at your local garden center.

Snapdragons and Pinks

In Grandmother's day, cutting flowers were grown in rows like crops in the vegetable garden, where color was welcome, but soon forgotten as blooms went indoors with the beans. Today, flowers bring beauty first to beds and borders, then to bouquets. We design cutting gardens much like we arrange flowers in a vase, combining a lively assortment of hues, heights, textures, and bloom types.

Liatris and Hollyhocks

Every bloom is worthy of a bouquet, but some of the best cutting flowers are old-fashioned favorites, such as snapdragon, zinnia, heliotrope, sweet pea, cleome, and cosmos. Quick to flower from seed, these annuals perform all summer. Equally at home in a vase are long-blooming perennials, such as liatris, rudbeckia, coneflower, hollyhock, and helianthus.

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