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Garden-Inspired Tiffany Lamps

The allure of Tiffany still shines today. See a collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany lamps from The Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass in New York City, and get a glimpse at some of Tiffany's incredible works during the Art Nouveau age.


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    • Grape Lamps

      Both of these Grapes library lamps, circa 1906, were assigned the same model number (No. 348), although they are very different from each other. Grapes on the left is more complex than the simple and stylized version of Grapes on the right.

    • Wisteria Lamp

      Tiffany's leaded-glass lamps were introduced in the late 1890s and were instantly popular during this time when the upper class was hungry for fashionable goods to decorate their homes. This Wisteria library lamp is circa 1901.

    • Dragonfly Lamp

      Louis Comfort Tiffany not only designed and created leaded-glass windows in the early 1890s; he also produced lampshades made of blown glass. In addition to flora, Tiffany's shades also depicted various types of fauna -- bats, fish, peacocks, butterflies, and dragonflies. This is a detail of the Dragonfly reading lamp, 1900-1924.

    • Moth Lamp

      In 1879, Thomas Edison developed a carbon-filament lightbulb that produced a bright, warm amber glow.  Decorative lamp screens became a popular accessory for reading lamps to shield the eyes from the glare of this new type of lightbulb. This is a detail of the Moth lamp screen, 1900-1910.

    • Dragonfly Shade

      The Dragonfly hanging shade is one-of-a-kind, most likely a special commission for a wealthy patron. The dragonflies in this hanging shade are more stylized and less realistic than the Dragonfly library lamp (1900-1910), yet wonderfully effective.

    • Laburnum Lamp

      The individual blooms of a laburnum tree (on right) are small and relatively uniform in color. They grow in hanging clusters that greatly taper at the bottom. To accentuate this, Tiffany gave the shade an undulating form with hanging clusters to provide a realistic interpretation of the laburnum tree in bloom. This is the Laburnum library lamp, 1900-1915.

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