Scarecrows: A Twist on a Tradition

A creative gardener's prize-winning scarecrows transform her garden in fall. Making one of her easy scarecrows is a fun project: try it with a friend or with kids.
Step-by-Step Instructions Step-by-Step Instructions

Here's what you'll need to make a scarecrow of your own:

• Two-by-four lumber for the scarecrow frame. Two eight-foot lengths should be about right.

• A wooden dowel to hold up the scarecrow's head. A broomstick will do in a pinch.

• An eye hook and a length of re-bar, to prop the scarecrow up.

• Three-inch screws and a drill to drive them, or three-inch nails and a hammer.

• An outfit for your scarecrow: jeans and a shirt and jacket or vest; gloves; and shoes or boots.

• A grape-vine ball and raffia or Spanish moss (all available from hobby shops) for the scarecrow's head.

• Felt, pinecones, seashells, or other natural decorations for the scarecrow's features.

• A glue gun, a stapler, some heavy-gauge wire, and twine.

Stuffing materials: plastic bags, aluminum cans, some straw or raffia.

NOTE: Kim spent about $10 at a thrift store for the clothes for her scarecrow. Don't worry about what size they are. A long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans or overalls naturally suit garden scarecrows, but you might like to add a sweater or vest, a jacket, a hat, and other accessories