Build a Wheelbarrow Bench

Take in a fresh view of your garden from a wheelbarrow bench—it's easy to move the bench, so you'll always have the best seat in the house.

Get Started

Get Started

Here’s what you’ll need to make a wheelbarrow bench:

  • A bench. Our bench is a classic 4-foot cedar bench from Tidewater Workshop.
  • Three cedar 2x2s, 8 feet long. These will become the handles and the supporting crosspiece.
  • A wheelbarrow wheel, brackets, and axle. Our wheel and assembly came off an old wheelbarrow; builder’s supply stores sell replacement wheelbarrow wheels and supplies.
  • Carriage bolts and nuts. You’ll need six more bolts (and six nuts) long enough to go through a 2x2 and the bench leg. We used 4 1/2-inch long bolts, 5/16 in diameter.
  • A drill and a drill bit the same size as the carriage bolts.
  • Carpenter’s bar clamps, to secure the 2x2s before you drill.
  • An adjustable wrench, to tighten the bolts.
  • Blue painter’s tape (or masking tape), a pencil, and a tape measure.
  • Paint (one quart) and a 2-inch brush.

Getting Started

Before you start, figure out how long the 2x2s should be, and cut them to the proper length. Make sure to allow the 2x2s to extend far enough from one end of the bench to accommodate the wheel and the extra width of a supporting 2x2 crosspiece, and on the opposite end to make comfortable handles that do not stick out too far. Our 2x2s were each cut to 80 inches, allowing about 12 inches for the wheel and 22 inches for the handles on the opposite end. The crosspiece (measured to match the depth of the bench from front to back) is cut from the third 2x2; in our example, it is 18 inches long.

Note: Once you have your supplies and have cut the 2x2s, the project goes quickly. You’ll mark the 2x2s for carriage bolts, drill holes, attach the wheel, and then attach the handles to the bench with the bolts.