Tantalizing Topiary

With an innovative new topiary system, you can create a traditional container garden in a matter of minutes.
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The upper basket of this
shade-loving planter bursts
with white impatiens.

Container planting is just about the easiest type of gardening there is, but it can be, well, a little dull. Now, a unique topiary system comes to the rescue. In just minutes, you can plant a striking two-tier container that involves as much flower arranging as down-in-the-dirt gardening. The key is a wire basket suspended on a metal pole. When filled with plants, it resembles an old-world topiary pruned into a charming lollipop shape. You can combine nearly any type of plant in the topiary for indoor or outdoor use.

The finished product will look great practically anywhere. Anchor a collection of your tiered creations on a front step or patio. They're pretty in pairs, flanking an entrance or path to add a slightly formal note. Or you can even plunk a topiary in a flower bed to give it instant structure and interest.

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