A Gallery of Garden Shed Ideas

Add storage to your garden with personalized style. Our gallery of garden shed ideas shows you how.

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Gardening Tips for Renters

Want to bring more green to your house or apartment? Using a few easy, inexpensive techniques, <a href="http://www.thehorticult.com/">The Horticult</a> shows how you can garden like you own the place -- without risking your security deposit. You don't have to own your home to create a garden that reflects your personal style. Grow your favorite plants and create an inspired landscape -- or patio, interior, or balcony -- using these fun, low-commitment methods. (Although you might want to check with your landlord about the larger projects!) And if you move, you can take it all with you. These 10 tips for renters will give your garden a new lease on life.

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Editors' Picks: Top Rabbit-Resistant Plants

We've pulled together a gallery of some of our favorite plants that rabbits avoid in our gardens.

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Summer Garden Maintenance Checklist

Summer is a gardener¿s busiest season. If you¿re short on time or not sure what to do, follow this easy summer gardening checklist to keep your lawn and garden in great shape all season long.

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Throw a Garden Party

Greet the season with friends, flowers, and ice cream floats! Featuring pretty paper blooms and a blushing peach punch, this lovely garden gathering will have you celebrating summer in style.

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Add Interest to Your Yard with a Pergola

Create a landscape that looks good all year long with these creative ideas for incorporating a pergola into your yard.

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Make a Succulent Wreath

Succulent wreaths made from succulent plants require little water and are a great way to decorate your outdoor spaces.

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Popular in Gardening

Bread Box Container Gardens

Create a charming container garden by planting in an antique bread box.

You can create a lush, beautiful garden in any container that holds soil, but lets excess water drain. Add country or cottage charm to your landscape with planters made from antique bread boxes.

Tips for Finding Antique Bread Boxes

It takes more than dough to acquire vintage bread-boxes. Some shopping savvy helps, as well as the willingness to search online. The online advantage: You can search and bid on items while loafing at home. Bargains abound on Internet auction sites, if you know how to find them. Try these tips:

  • Initiate a search for kitchen collectibles. Use phrases such as "vintage metal bread box" to refine a search to metal, not wood, for example.
  • Ask the online seller for a specific description of the bread box, including its age and condition. If a photograph is provided, check for damage.
  • Watch out for cheap reproductions. There are a lot of new bread boxes out there, along with the old antique types.
  • Stick with your favorites. Pick out favorite features, such as the material they're made from, the color, etc.
  • To keep yourself from spending too much money, decide what you're willing to pay before you start bidding.

Planting Ideas

This container features a shade-loving mix of white sweet alyssum, purple-leaf fibrous begonia, and pink tuberous begonia. The container at right features cheery yellow zinnias, variegated lantana, and coleus.

But just about any plants will work as long as they don't grow too large for the bread box. For more plant ideas, see our Plant Finder.

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