Hypertufa Trough Garden Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your very own trough garden? Check out our roundup of cool hypertufa troughs.

It's a fun -- and easy -- project to make your own hypertufa troughs. Perfect for small plants such as miniature evergreens and tiny hostas, hypertufa troughs can be cast in nearly any shape you like and accented with a variety of colors and finishes. We've put together a collection of five fun troughs to help give you ideas to create your own.

Get our step-by-step instructions for making a hypertufa trough.

Add a notch to one side of your hypertufa trough, then plant a spilling plant to give the effect of a waterfall. Here, that's achieved with grassy bells (Edraianthus pumilio) and rock-garden baby's breath (Gypsophila fischeri).

A rough finish and uneven edges gives a trough a natural feel that looks perfectly in place in a rock garden and is an ideal spot to grow tiny saxifrages, which are mixed in throughout this container. Fine granite chips, used as mulch, complete the alpine look.

If you want your troughs to stand out, sculpt the sides to have more regular lines, such as this rectangular trough. It includes rock-garden gems such as thrift (Armeria trojana), dragon's head (Dracocephalum), sandwort (Arenaria), wallflower (Erysimum pulchellum), and grassy bells (Edraianthus pumilio).

This carved stone hosts two smaller hypertufa boulders. The boulders contain pockets filled with soil that hold diminutive varieties such as Howard's alpine forget-me-not (Eritrichium howardii), Draba, and sandwort (Arenaria).

Add lots of interest by creating a collection of hypertufa troughs in different shapes and sizes. Here, a tall rounded trough with smooth sides makes a wonderful counterpoint to lower oval-shape troughs with textured sides.

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