Year-Round Container Gardens

The floral splash of summer container gardens doesn't have to fade as days shorten and temperatures drop.

Plan ahead to have blooms all yearlong.

This fall, fill your pots with plants that will linger colorfully through winter. Start your container gardens with a soilless mix that's rich in peat moss. For an easy-care garden, mix a slow-release fertilizer or water-absorbing gels into your potting mix.

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Add your favorite seasonal flowers to a colorful container.

When designing your garden, plant the center of the container first. Then work your way to the outer edges. Shake excess soil from plant roots before placing plants in the container.


Start container gardens in spring with annuals that will bloom all summer. This garden features pink ivy geraniums, yellow melampodium, white and purple verbena, and sanvitalia. Trim plants in mid-July for August blooms.


As summer days melt into fall, replant your container with plants that will thrive in autumn's cooler weather. Garden mums and ivy make a good pair, or partner ornamental cabbage with pansies and artemisia.


Mix fall garden mums with small evergreens for a container garden that will be lovely through winter. Once cold weather nips the mums, remove them and let the evergreens take over. This basket garden features wintergreen azalea, Red Sprite holly, dwarf pink andromeda, and variegated myrtle. Before planting, line the basket with plastic to help retain soil moisture. Punch drainage holes in the plastic before adding soil. Over winter, nestle the basket into a mound of leaves and place it in a spot that's sheltered from wintry blasts.

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