With several different species and growth habits to choose from and a long bloom time, campanula is a favorite of perennial gardeners. It produces showy five-petaled bell-shaped flowers that come in the most gorgeous blues and purples, though pink and white types are available. They usually bloom for at least several weeks in summer. Those on taller stems make excellent cut flowers, lasting for a week or more in the vase.


3 to 8

Soil and Light

Full sun in moist soil that is rich in organic matter with ample moisture.


Plant established plants in spring in all regions or also in fall in Zone 7 and warmer. Divide at least every three years, annually in areas with mild winters Zone 7 and warmer. Replant the vigorous divisions from the clump's outer portion.

Special Helps

Removed faded flowers to promote reblooming. Fertilize by mulching with compost once or twice a year. In Zones 3 to 6, mulch with pine boughs or chopped autumn leaves after the first frost for winter protection. Some species need to be divided annually, others every three to four years.