Garden Ideas from the United States Botanic Garden

Get landscaping lessons from the United States Botanic Garden.

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  • Located on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, the United States Botanic Garden is one of Washington D.C.'s top attractions for garden lovers. It features a conservatory of tropical plants, a butterfly garden, rose garden, and much more.

  • The Amphitheatre

    The garden's amphitheatre is a wonderful spot to rest and take in the sights. Surrounded by colorful flowers, it is also the perfect perch from which to enjoy its stunning backdrop -- the interesting architecture of the National Museum of the American Indian.

  • The Rose Garden

    Because the rose is the United States' National Flower , it's only natural the USBG would feature a rose garden. You'll see an amazing collection of lovely roses that are well suited to the climate of the Mid-Atlantic region.

  • Autumn in the Garden

    Fall is a lovely time to visit the garden and see its collection of 26,000 plants, including collections dogwoods and witch hazels.

  • Children's Garden

    The children's garden provides inspiration for making your garden child-friendly with its planting and activity ideas.

  • Water Features

    You'll see a large variety of water features perfect for your yard. The displays illustrate how to integrate water features into the landscape.

  • Water Plants

    The various water features in the garden demonstrate the best plants to incorporate, including bog plants, floating plants, and more.

  • Sit Back and Relax

    The USBG offers a variety of places to sit and enjoy the beautiful setting. This photo, for example, shows a section dedicated to the First Ladies of the nation.

  • The Conservatory

    The conservatory offers a garden getaway all year long. Recently renovated, it currently contains more than 4,000 plants.

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    Regional Representation

    If lush tropicals from humid climates aren't your thing, check out the arid section of the conservatory, which features a variety of heat-loving plants.

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    The Jungle

    An area called The Jungle sits at the center of the conservatory. It highlights palm trees from around the world.

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    The Garden Court

    Just inside the north entrance to the conservatory is the Garden Court, displaying a number of seasonal exhibits. It's also the home of the conservatory's Christmas tree and poinsettias during the holidays.

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    The Medicinal Garden

    There's also a section of the conservatory dedicated to medicinal plants, so you can see the plants spices such as vanilla, ginger, and allspice are derived from.

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    Bartholdi Park

    Bartholdi Park, created in 1932, also sits on the grounds of the USBG. It's a great place to see trends in garden design as well as hot new plant introductions.


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