Home Design and Planning Software by Chief Architect

Our powerful home design software will help you plan your dream home, garden, kitchen, and new remodeling project!

Select from the Better Homes and Gardens® Home Designer Series of products listed below. Products specifically for creating new landscapes and decks or decorating the interior of your home are available. Or look at the Home Designer Suite, Deluxe, and Pro options to give you a variety of advanced tools for designing new spaces, both inside and outside your home.

Most products include the Better Home and Gardens Design Planning Center (exclusive design tips and planning advice from the editors at Better Homes and Gardens magazines) and the Design Inspiration Gallery (a collection of beautiful photographs to inspire your designs).

Home Design and Planning Software
by Chief Architect

BH&G Home Designer

BH&G Interior Designer

BH&G Home Designer Deluxe

BH&G Landscaping & Deck Designer

BH&G Picture Painter

BH&G Home Designer Suite

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