Treasure Hunt

Togetherness is the treasure of this reunion theme. The fun games and activities will encourage bonding in groups both large and small.
X Marks the Spot

Create a theme of grand adventure at the Smith Family Reunion Treasure Hunt. Hide "treasure" and plant fun clues to lead your guests to the bounty. Families can play as a team, or give guests a chance to mingle by assigning teams. Children and adults can learn about family history, and each other, while searching for the family "treasure." Use real-life family stories (by polling your relatives before the big event) for clues; you can also invent puzzling clues to tell the tale. Half the fun is the hunt, and the other half is discovering a treasure chest bursting with "gold" coins and "jewels."

Gold foil-covered chocolate coins and inexpensive carnival trinkets make terrific "treasure," or fill the chest with popcorn for a tasty surprise. When you're not deciphering the clever clues to the loot, celebrate your heritage with flags, folk songs, and family recipes.

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