Time Capsule

Time will fly when your family's enjoying themselves at the reunion. This theme -- ideal for any group size -- creatively celebrates the past and future.
Time in a Bottle

Time flies when you're having fun, so seize the moment and preserve it for the future in a family time capsule. Ask your guests to bring a photo, document, or small object that expresses what is special about their family (either their immediate family or the extended family). These mementos and others with particular significance for the family, like a family Bible or cookbook, are placed in the capsule.

As the capsule is filled, each family can tell what they are contributing and what it means to them. You can purchase time capsules that will last for centuries, or you can place everything in a sturdy trunk or duffel and open it in five or 10 years. Store your family's capsule for a designated amount of time, and make plans to open it at the next reunion. Create lasting memories for future generations to share!

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