Olympic Games

Assemble your family and let the games begin! No matter how big or small your family "team" is, your reunion will be a victory.
On Your Mark

Everyone can be a champion at the Smith Family Reunion Olympic Games. No training is required; all you need is the desire to have a good time. Amusing twists on classic contests -- like using a long skinny balloon for the javelin toss -- level the playing field for all ages and abilities. In this mock Olympics, luck and pluck count more than athletic prowess. Winning is not as important as all the silly fun you will have trying!

Be sure you've got plenty of ribbons, medals, and trophies for all. Olympic traditions, like the rituals of the opening and closing ceremonies, set the mood. March to your own drummer; demonstrate your family pride with a Parade of Families like the famous Parade of Nations at the start of the Olympics. Couch potatoes and triathletes alike are all winners at this family funfest.

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