A Ribbon of Unity

Make and share a Ribbon of Unity.
Download the Ribbon
America Unites

As Americans and our friends around the world express sorrow, grief and hope in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C., Better Homes and Gardens Online -- BHG.com -- is proud to present "Coming Together: A Ribbon of Unity." Follow these simple instructions:

1. View the ribbons in the photos.

America Unites

2. For PC-compatible computers, right-click your mouse on the ribbon of the size and color you'd like to save.

America Unites

3. Scroll down to "Save Picture As" and select a spot on your hard drive to save the ribbon image.

4. You can rename the image or keep the image name you see.

To Attach the Ribbon in an E-Mail

1. Create the text portion of your e-mail.

2. Click on the ATTACH instruction in your e-mail program.

3. Locate the image on your hard drive or desktop.

4. Save and send the e-mail.

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