Top It Off

Go over the edge with fun, stylish valances and cornices. A great topper draws the eye to the window treatment and the view beyond.
Have a Ball
Monochromatic colors keep this
cornice sophisticated.

Rows of ball fringe give this cornice a look so soft you just want to run your fingers over it. Start with a purchased wooden cornice or build one from 1x4 lumber and plywood. Cover the cornice with muslin, stapling it in place. Starting at the bottom, wrap the end of a piece of fringe around the side of the cornice, across the bottom edge, and to the back at the other side, using a hot-glue gun to attach it. Place a second row of ball fringe just above the first row so the edges are butted against each other and the balls fall in alternate rows.

To unite the drapery and cornice,
topstitch ball fringe to the inner
edge of the drapery panels and the
lower edge of the tiebacks.

Continue in this manner, packing the fringe tightly so the balls form a chenille-like surface. Note: The cornice shown used approximately 35 yards of ball fringe.

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