Create custom window treatments without ever having to make a stitch. No-sew window treatments are a decorating essential and are a quick and easy solution for giving your windows a new. Plus, new window treatments can completely transform a room. Learn how to make your own, without a sewing machine, needle, or thread. Get ideas for embellishing store-bought window treatments using ribbon, buttons, and more. No-sew window treatments are often a budget-friendly decorating solution, as well. See how unconventional elements, such as decorative towels or cloth napkins, can be transformed into window treatments that wow. Plus, these ideas can easily be adapted to suit different rooms in your home -- from bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms. With a little creativity, you can be on your way to dressing your windows with flair and pizzazz and giving your home a brand-new, refreshed look. Round up some ribbon, embellishments, and glue, and start making no-sew, do-it-yourself window treatments for your home.


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