15 Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

Window treatments can add softness to a bathroom or provide some serious privacy. Choose a bathroom window treatment that suits your style and space with one of these great ideas.

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    Classic Shade Statement

    Make your bathroom window beautiful with a handsome roman window shade. The warm brown color in the fabric echoes the tones found throughout the rest of the bath in tile and cabinetry. The checked pattern is subtle, yet interesting. Fabric ties allow you to lower the shade if needed, but are best suited for fixed treatments.

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    Cute Cafe Curtain

    A simple cafe curtain-style window treatment can be the perfect finishing touch to an elegant bathroom. Placing the cafe curtain so that it covers the lower half of the window ensures privacy while letting in plenty of light. To add sparkle, leave the top half of the window bare so sunlight can stream into the room.

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    Woven with Texture

    Add style and privacy to your bath with the use of woven window shades. The shades in this bath are earthy and neutral, which allows them to work with many design schemes. Woven shades allow bathers to control the degree of light and privacy, and they give the bath a finished look. They are easy to raise and lower and are available with black-out fabric for additional privacy.

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    Sheer with Sweet Details

    A sweet shade with pom-pom trim adds a bit of flair to the cottage bathroom window treatment. You can add trim such as ribbon, fringe, or tassels onto different types of fabrics for a completely different, yet dressy, look.  

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    Pretty Patterned Shade

    When choosing fabrics for the bathroom, consider weather-resistant fabrics that stand up to moisture as well as providing privacy. The diamond pattern is neutral while adding just a bit of interest to this soothing bath retreat.

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    Easiest Window Treatment

    With two tension rods, you can fake a custom roman shade in your bathroom.

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    Floaty and Floor-Length

    Make your bathroom shine with a sheer curtain panel that allows sunlight to radiate through the bathroom while still offering plenty of privacy. 

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    Classic White Blinds

    For bathrooms with privacy issues, particularly those on the ground floor, wood blinds are a slam-dunk design decision. They are easy to operate: simply twirl the wand to close or open. They also clean up with a quick dusting and can hold up to moisture in a wet room. Choose a finish that matches your window trim.

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    A Hint of Print

    Create a romantic look in your bathroom by hanging curtains that barely graze the floor. This treatment is simple yet stylish and gives the illusion that the window extends to the floor when the curtains are closed. Using a bold black fabric is a nice foil for pastel walls and makes it easy to match artwork frames that tie the scheme together.

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    Colorful Addition

    Bring a playful touch to a white bathroom with a casual and mod window treatment. These little curtains introduce color into the white room, informing the color choice of accessories. Use grommets or clip rings for easy opening and closing.

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    Texture and Trim

    Woven shades are available in different colors and materials and with many trim options. For a custom look, choose a fabric trim that relates to the wall color in your bathroom.

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    Elegant Curtain Panels

    Floor-to-ceiling curtain panels add a graceful touch to an otherwise minimal and classic bathroom. If you want to hang curtains that skim the floor, be sure that they will stay dry. This look is best reserved for an adult bathroom retreat where the curtains can add privacy if needed while adding a finished layer to the windows.

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    Screen from View

    The secret to dressing an arched top window in a bathroom is to worry about the lower half of the window. If fabric window treatments don’t make sense for your space, get creative and use a folding screen in front of the window. It creates a solid wall for maximum privacy.

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    Matching Chevron Shade

    In bathrooms where privacy isn’t an issue, a valance or a flat shade that won’t be lowered often is a good choice. Repeat the window fabric on the shower curtain for cohesion and color.

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    Custom Designed Shades

    A custom shade looks grand when hung at the ceiling rather than within the window frame, creating the illusion of a larger window.

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    Luxury Swag

    Add a luxurious touch with a soft Roman shade. The blue hues of this window treatment work perfectly in the white bathroom. Other blue accents create a soothing, timeless look.

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    Bonus: Refresh With Paint

    While you work on your bathroom, check out these bathroom paint colors. We've gathered our favorites just for you!

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