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Window Treatment Ideas for Corner Windows

Here are some great ideas for windows that settle into the corner of a room.


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    • Mirror Image

      In a private space, such as this bedroom, using matching, multilayered window treatments that define each window creates a pleasant symmetry. This choice also allows each window treatment to be opened separately.

    • Sheer Style

      These corner windows look summer-fresh with a white frosting of fabric at the top.

    • Covered Up

      Camouflage a corner window by extending the drapery treatment beyond the edges. These drapes look like one continuous panel, turning the corner to cover an entirely different type of window.

    • In Symmetry

      Dual windows located near the room's corner are treated in identical styles and fabrics, creating a unifying look.

    • Valanced

      A swath of valance fabric hung on pegs brings attention and interest to this set of corner windows.

    • Successful Repetition

      For larger windows that meet at the corner, a top treatment that repeats, like the loops and tassels on this valance, helps to smooth the turn. Bold colors also help to draw attention to the pleasant dining nook.

    • Tied Together

      When windows are separated at the corner but are too close to dress separately, connect them with a single drape. An elegant treatment like this makes a room look larger and creates a perfect place for a quiet reading corner.

    • Corner Casements

      When two small casement windows meet up in a corner, such as in this kitchen, simple blinds work well. These matchstick blinds create a unified look for those two windows and the larger windows elsewhere in the room.

    • Lightly Anchor

      Tall corner windows take away the sense of solidity that corner walls have. Anchor that space by gathering the window treatments at the corner. Even wispy sheers like those in the corner of this sunroom can do the job well.

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