Solutions for Problem Windows

Baffled by what to do with your windows? Treat them right with these decor ideas.
Arched Windows
The treatment on this Palladian
window downplays the arch.

With their distinctive overhead curves, Palladian and arched windows are beautiful additions to most any room. Sometimes, though, you may want to play down the curves. One option is to subtly define the arch with drapery panels hung from a rod installed straight across the top of the window and pulled up and back with tasseled tiebacks strategically placed at the bottom line of the arch.

One way to show off curves is to
leave them uncovered.

If privacy isn't an issue for your arched window, simply start your treatment below the arch, leaving it unencumbered by fabric. To dress the entire window and flatter its natural shape, try using a swag and jabot treatment hung from an arched drapery rod installed just outside the upper trim. For privacy, outfit the lower glass with sheer cafe curtains or shutters.

A curved valance follows the arch.

Here's a nifty way to treat eyebrow windows: Follow the form of the arch with a bendable rod and a span of fabric. Hang handkerchief-like pieces from decorative drapery pins or holdbacks installed in the window trim.

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