Living Room Window Treatments: Traditional Panels

Dress up a traditional living room with these classy and elegant window treatment ideas.

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Antique Lace Panels

    Traditional panels are a versatile window treatment choice. By mixing different combinations of fabric color and pattern, as well as the accompanying hardware and hanging placement, a myriad of looks are possible. Here, discreet plantation blinds and antique lace panels with extra-long ties grace the big windows.

Sheer Draperies

    For south-facing windows, sheer fabric allows natural light in while dimming the stark brightness of the sun's unfiltered rays. These draperies, tied to an iron rod with bows, filter the sun with casual style.

Blue-and-White Curtains

    This living room design channels a Tiffany gift box. Silky curtain panels with ribbons woven and tied at the ends complete the theme.

Pinch-Pleat Draperies

    Window treatments can be the buffer in a living area that mixes modern and traditional tastes. By framing the abstract painting, these drapery panels call attention to a contemporary piece that balances the traditional furnishings.

    The classic pinch-pleat draperies open and close easily, courtesy of the rings and drapery rods. The lined and interlined panels are mounted at ceiling height and graze the floor.

Pretty Color Palette

    If you find drapery panels in a breathtaking color scheme, let the fabric inspire the rest of the living room's design. Here, the muted palette of creamy light brown, soft aqua, and rose on the embroidered drapery fabric is picked up in other furniture and design elements throughout the space.

Drapery Panels with Details

    Though often chosen for their tailored good looks, drapery panels can take on the flourishes of more detailed treatments with judicious embellishments such as swags and jabots. Here, the final result is a pretty dressmaker finish.

    The fixed panels in a bold yet traditional print define door frames and add enriching color and pattern. Panels are attached behind crown molding that was installed as part of the window treatment.

Checkerboard-Pattern Panels

    Neutral in tone, these floor-to-ceiling drapery panels mix and match with the monochromatic color scheme and add height to the room. The overscale checkerboard pattern is sheer fabric that allows layers of ivory and green to shimmer through each other.

Indian Silk Draperies

    Infuse traditional window treatments with a twist by adding Eastern touches. Formal drapery panels in mocha, fawn, and pale blue Indian silk grace these windows.

Formal Draperies

    Repeated lavish prints, such as on these draperies, work well in formal rooms. Because the upholstered fabrics are solids and tone-on-tone silk, this lush drapery fabric imbues the room with stylish warmth appropriate to the setting.

    The tailored pinch-pleat style, without ornate hardware or top treatments, allows the detailed, realistic patterns and motifs to be viewed clearly and enjoyed. Installation, below the gold-leaf egg-and-dart molding, contributes to the grand effect. Accent pillows trimmed in braid repeat the drapery fabric for a unified design.

Translucent Curtain Panels

    Achieving the beauty of simplicity requires a willingness to pare down. In this living room, barely-there stripes on muted blue walls give way to translucent curtain panels, which are layered to soften the French doors with a whisper of color.

Simple Draperies

    A minimalist space should have only one focal point. To let the oversize globe shine without competition, these gauze-and-taffeta draperies abstain from obvious color and pattern. The result is the serene harmony of the neutral palette.

Narrow Space Solution

    These window treatments visually expand the long and narrow room. The curved edge and full length of the pleated draperies draw the eye upward and create the illusion of more height. The color combination of red and yellow is used liberally to make this space warm and inviting.

Brown Draperies

    Using a dark, simple color palette in a living room may seem like a daring move, but this space shows how the result can be soothing and harmonious. The silky tone-on-tone draperies work with the room's wall-to-wall warmth of dark red to make this room a cozy den.

Bay Window Draperies

    Flat, striped drapery panels, sewn to the rings for operability, frame the bay window in this family room. The panels are floor-length, a graceful statement that avoids the sometimes choppy, bisected appearance of panels that reach only to the window seat.

    Here the panels hang easily from an exposed rod supported by a center bracket. Turned horizontally, the stripe serves as matching trim for the panels, giving them a polished look.

Gold and Black Accents

    In this tailored, library-style sitting room, neutral drapery panels soften the tall windows, contribute texture, and close for nighttime warmth--without the distraction of pattern or contrasting color. The panels, which puddle slightly, provide coverage without undue fullness.

    For subtle sophistication and practical operation, the lined panels are sewn to tiny gold-tone clips that contrast with the black iron rod. These small touches of gold and black reinforce other accents in the room.

Draperies and Shades Combo

    Taupe drapery panels and hardware introduce pleasing pattern and an additional hint of color that warms this traditional room of cool neutrals. The emphasis is on the fabric, which is lined for shape and fullness.

    Fabrication is simple and reserved--tailored pinch pleats sewn to standard rings. The dark rod and rings reinforce other dark accents in the room. Off-white Roman shades add extra privacy and temperature control.

Simple Linen Panels

    Where contrast between classic and contemporary style is the goal, these simple linen panels edged with mahogany bell trim flank the dramatic modern painting. Although the windows are tall in the grand space, the panels hang directly below the crown molding to emphasize the vertical form of the art.

    Noteworthy for their tailored quality, the draperies add a sense of restrained formality because they hang neatly on gold-tone clips and a white rod. Working together, the creamy white draperies and furniture create graphic tension against the espresso brown walls and colorful art.

Pinch-Pleat Draperies

    In this living room, the pinch-pleat drapery panels and balloon shades refine the mood of quiet sophistication. Panels attach with rings to the tailored drapery rods, which are detailed with ball finials.

    Simple balloon shades are mounted above the tall, double-hung windows for a finished effect that conceals the tops of the windows. The low-key approach allows decorative pillows and accent fabrics to stand out in the subtle scheme.

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