DIY Moss Wreath

Pretty moss, eucalyptus stems, and faux pears and red leaves combine for a stunning holiday wreath that you can leave out fall through Christmas. Bonus: This wreath is just as pretty laid down as a table centerpiece. See how!

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Innovation Home Tour

Home innovation should solve real-life problems and make life better, focusing on the people, not simply the systems, inside. To demonstrate, we decided to build, furnish, and tech out our ideal house: the BHG Innovation Home. Check out these useful and accessible products and ideas.

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Best Places for Organization Products

Getting organized is a breeze when your supplies are smart and stylish. Here are 10 of our go-to sources for great storage gear.

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DIY It, Don't Buy It!

Fake it 'til you make it! High-end decor doesn't have to come with a designer price tag. We found 14 DIY decor projects ranging from furniture to lighting that look just as good as the store-bought versions that inspired them -- and cost less!

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Latest Kitchen Makeover

See how a basic kitchen received a fresh face on an affordable remodeling budget.

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Room Arranging Made Easy

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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Buying and Hanging Curtain Panels

Readily available and affordable curtain panels make updating your windows easy. With these tips for buying and hanging curtain panels, your room will gain a fresh, stylish look fast.

Ready-made curtain panels in fresh patterns and colors offer an easy way to perk up a room. For quick hanging, choose tab-top or grommet styles, which slide easily onto a rod. Upgrade simple rod-pocket panels by adding clip-on rings. Most off-the-shelf rods come with mounting hardware so hanging the rods and panels is a breeze. These basics will help you place rods and select curtain panels for the stylish look you desire.

Go to Great Lengths

To determine the minimum necessary panel length (not including tabs or rings), measure from the floor to just above the window casing. Use this measurement when purchasing curtain panels. After you buy curtain panels, mount the rod to match panel length -- rather than the other way around as you would for custom-made panels.

Enjoy Widespread Appeal

For the best look when a set of curtains is closed, make sure each panel is at least as wide as the window. Stretching too-narrow panels across a window makes the scene look mismatched and out of scale. Mount rod brackets 6 inches outside the window frame so panels can be pushed away from the glass, allowing light to flood the room and the window's architectures to be on display.

Adjust Your Thinking

When using ready-made panels sold singly, measure each panel before hanging. Minor difference? Hang the panels based on the length of the shortest one. If there's a noticeable discrepancy, you may need to hem.

Let It Slide

Consider how often you'll open and close the curtains. Panels outfitted with grommets or rings are easier to slide along rods than those with tabs. A rod-pocket panel is the most difficult style to open and close.

Editor's Tip: To make curtains more energy-efficient, choose panels that extend well beyond the window frame on all sides to reduce heat from sunlight in the summer and cold airflow in the winter. Even better: Team panels with a cellular shade mounted inside the window frame.

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