Window Treatment Ideas: Fabric Shades

Fabric shades can work with or in place of draperies for practical, stylish window treatments.

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Trimmed Balloon Shade

    Where softness and finish are desired but complete coverage isn't, fixed balloon shades (sometimes called London shades) can introduce just the right touch of a favored fabric. A fixed balloon can also conceal a shade or blinds that can be lowered when light control or privacy is needed.

    In this sitting area, the trimmed balloon supports but doesn't overshadow the stunning leaf print that covers the bench cushion. The striped fabric belongs to the happy yellow color family that dominates the space.

Dressy Shades

    Balloon shades with tails offer a dressy look and detailed fabrication. In this bedroom furnished with fine antiques and inviting upholstered chairs, the shades continue the style from the furniture to the windows. Extra detailing includes the goblet-pleated headers, often used in English-style fabrications, and the hand-sewn trim.

Casual Roman Shades

    Roman shades work well in country French rooms. In this casual kitchen, shades round out the space's fresh look while allowing in lots of light.

Patchwork Shade

    This cozy, rustic window seat calls for an equally charming window treatment. The up-to-date patchwork shade is just one piece of the mix of patterns that make the space so comfortable.

Dramatic Contemporary Shade

    A fabric shade, mounted over a concealed cornice, echoes the sleek style of this sophisticated living room. For privacy and sun control, the shade lowers for complete coverage. It also allows casement windows to open for a breeze. The pale taupe contrasts with the white walls and dramatic white sofa for a hint of color.

Pleated Roman Shades

    A detailed variation of tailored Roman shades translates into a stylish solution for these handsome arch-topped windows. Featuring horizontal pleats, the shades are mounted inside the trim at the top of the double-hung windows.

    For design detailing and touches of color, the shades are edged in a contrasting trim. Because privacy and sun control are concerns, an opaque fabric blocks a little bit of light when the shades are down.

Burlap Shade

    In a room with a neutral color scheme, incorporate texture into window treatments to add interest. This burlap Roman shade adds dimension to the casual black and beige décor.

Plaid Window Shade

    Transitions between different spaces in your home hardly have to be bland. In this traditional-style home, a khaki-striped wallpaper and teal plaid window shade on the staircase landing set up a dialogue of contrasting pattern and color to give the spot quiet charm.

Eye-Catching Balloon Shade

    Some of the most successful decorating statements are subtle and suggestive, as shown on this staircase landing. A billowy balloon shade is the focal point of the transitional space.

Roller Shades

    In a weekend-home setting, stock pull-down roller shades resolve the problem of sun control--and virtually disappear at the top of the window when rolled up. Unlike popular Roman shades, roller shades have the advantage of rolling discreetly out of the way so that both panes of double-hung windows are clearly visible. These white shades match the woodwork and curved bench for minimum contrast.

Serene Window Shades

    Neutral shades are the perfect pairing for bold walls. These gold-tone shades provide a warm counterpoint to the cool blue.

Scenic-Print Shades

    Color is the key to blending a variety of patterns in a room. In this den, the large-scale multicolor scenic print at the windows is harmoniously tied to the rest of the space through threads of rust, ocher, and taupe.

Graphic Shades

    If you're working with a small budget, use inexpensive flat panels for simple, affordable, easily changeable treatments. In this work space, an artist tries out his textile designs by pinning samples over the windows as graphic shades.

Patterned Roman Shades

    A mix of fabric patterns in lively shades of red, yellow, and green makes a strong statement for personal style. These Roman shades repeat the brick red found throughout the room.

Bow Window Shades

    This bow window (a bay with more than three sections) hints at this library's oceanside location. Tailored Roman shades fitted inside the frames of the narrow windows draw up in flat folds for a sleek, tailored look. This treatment is a good solution for casual living spaces.

Lined Shades

    Strong and bold, these red-checked Roman shades pull up to showcase views of the garden beyond but can be lowered to the floor to keep the cheerful sunroom warm during winter nights. The shades are lined with cotton and interlined with a feltlike material that forms an additional barrier against cold. The material also helps the shades hang better by adding fullness to the folds.

Shades and Draperies Combo

    Tailored Roman shades work in tandem with draperies for a richer look than shades provide alone. In this serenely neutral living room, Roman shades made from mossy green damask control daylight and shut out cold winter nights.

    Dressier fixed draperies, hung at matching ceiling height, enrich the scene with soft folds and the pretty, classic dressmaker detailing of goblet-header pleating. For a neat daytime look, the Roman shades pleat nicely while the drapery panels puddle on the polished floor--the best of both treatment styles.

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